Starting with myself

January 19, 2015  •  2 Comments

I don't know why I get so concerned about the first of something.  There is always something significant about a first time-first day of school, first kiss, first day of work, first blog post on a new website... Well here I am, and I decided that this year I would "put myself out there" more.  I guess admitting in public that this is scary for me qualifies as being out there, being vulnerable and hopefully a few people will be able to relate.

Last year I started to develop my photography skills by completing a photography course at Fotofly Academy where I learned how to be a portrait photographer, a lot of my fellow graduates are already starting their own business, but I feel like I want to explore more about what type of photographer I want to be.  This blog will chronicle some of that journey.

I'm a little fascinated with how multi-dimensional people are, and how different situations can show different sides of a person and still be true.  One place where this can play out is in social media.  I had a photo session with my husband where we took pictures and one became his Facebook profile picture and one became his LinkedIn profile picture with very different looks.  I thought that I would try this with myself.  My husband took the pictures, but the set up, concept and edits are mine, so I guess these qualify as self portraits.

This first picture became my Facebook picture it is very soft, vulnerable, slightly sad and I used Snap Art to give it an oil paint look.



This picture is for my LinkedIn profile and is more straight forward, crisp and shows confidence and competence.  

Which one is more me?  I think it depends on the day, or moment, or how you define it.  


Kathy Mukhopadhyay Photography
Thanks Ginny, I'll have to work on getting a laughing picture where my eyes are open, it's a challenge :)
both are beautiful. I think you are right that they each capture a part of you. I'd love to see a picture of you laughing, that's how I see you.
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