Photo Blogging Challenge-Close up

October 30, 2015  •  9 Comments

This month for the photo blog challenge the theme is "Close up" and it is one of my favorites.  As a portrait photographer I photograph people all the time, and I try to get a variety of shots including various poses and distances, but I always seem to gravitate to the close up photos.  I think this is why I like doing headshots so much.  

Here are a few of my favorite close up pictures for this month along with more of a story on each than I usually have.

I was asked to take some pictures of my nephew for a project where he was fishing, and then following up with the whole process of preparing the fish to be eaten.  My sweet niece pictured here, was watching the fish being cleaned, and I think the look on her face is the look of someone thinking really hard about becoming a vegetarian.

Every month I have lunch with my chapter of The National Association of Professional Women and this month I brought my camera to get some photos of the group.  This is our chapter president, and I loved the way the light looked, and how engaged she was in the conversation.

I had the opportunity to do a senior portrait session where I captured these two close ups that show contrasting emotions.  As much as I love smiles in my portraits, there is something beautiful about sadness as well.

Speaking of smiles, I left my absolute favorite close up for last. How could you not be charmed by those cute dimples, and freckles?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the pictures in the comment section below.

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Such great images! I love closeups when it comes to people. I think it allows you to see something extra.

The first one is great -- there's a bit of curiosity to her, almost as to wondering what you are doing/how things work. The senior photos are great, but the first one -- with her in what seems like deep thought, really works for me. Love the feel of it. And that last one -- way to bring out his eyes! What a smile!
Denise - Out and About with the GeoKs(non-registered)
I can see why you tend to gravitate to the closeup, or head shot. Because you're great at making that kind of portrait! The lighting in each is so carefully oriented, the focal point carefully chosen and you manage to evoke a response on the part of the viewer. Great job.
I love your portrait shots, I feel that there is a sense of mystery about the third photo, it makes me wonder what she could be thinking about?
Mike D(non-registered)
Those are great portraits. I feel like you captured a bit of all of your subjects. Thanks for sharing.
C. Lighwalker(non-registered)
You certainly did capture the look of someone contemplating changing her diet. Her eyes are so wide and open. Nice. In love and light Cheryle
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