Photo Blogging Challenge-Anything Goes

June 30, 2015  •  12 Comments

This month for the photo blog challenge the theme is "anything goes."  I thought about a nautical musical theater approach, but instead I decided to explore a bit more of what I had started last month with up close nature shots.  I did take it a little farther by renting an awesome macro lens and taking it out to really get into the small details of the world around me.

This bee was gracious enough to be slow moving so that I could capture this shot.

Roses are sometimes a little cliche, but the depth of field on the macro lens really helped bring a different perspective. 

It amazes me how amazing even a single drop of water can be when you take a little extra time to look.

So, how long do you think that I stood trying to get a great shot of this ant before I realized that he had a bunch of buddies trying to climb up my leg?  The answer - probably too long.

I've always found the symmetry and delicacy of spider webs to be intriguing, and the early morning light and sparkle from the light coming off the lake made this one work well in this picture.



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I love the rose. They are all fantastic but the color and the texture of the rose is top shelf!
You took some really nice photos this month! I love sharp and colourful pictures!
Great set of shots for the challenge this month. Nice, the way you kept the depth of field as your theme throughout your five shots.
Amaryllis T(non-registered)
I love all of these! But I think the bee is my favorite.
Denise - Out and About with the GeoKs(non-registered)
Thanks for the close-up look at so many things that usually go unnoticed - bees, ants and spider(webs) -except when they go where they're not wanted, like up your legs! I've got a case of the shudders just thinking about ants crawling up my leg!

Great job with a new-to-you lens. The macro lens I have has a little switch that also lets me use it as a prime lens and when I really feel like challenging myself, I take just that lens out for a photo walk rather than my usual zoom.

I try to avoid choosing a favourite photo in each post but feel compelled to make an exception for your last photo this month. The spiderweb with the sparkles of light is really amazing. Thanks for sharing.
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