Photo Blogging Challenge-Rule of Thirds

August 31, 2015  •  6 Comments

This month for the photo blog challenge the theme is "Rule of Thirds," if you are not familiar with this artistic concept, it is essentially putting the subject of the photo off of center on the line that would be there if you divided the picture into thirds.  It is actually something that I do quite often, so here are a few examples that I have completed recently. 

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All of your photographs surprise me. Your work is so professional.
That top photo is awesome. That is really a cool "memory" photo.

I like all of your selections for the month. Definitely solid work on the Rule of Thirds!
I tried to pick one I liked best, but simply couldn't decide! I really love the birthday boy balls....but the duck is adorable too!
Wow! Your take on the rule of thirds is amazing! I especially love the photo of the baby boy with the balls falling all around - it is a subtle and vivid take on the theme all at once and just captures the imagination.

The focus on the duck is stunning too - capturing the detail of the tiny feathers is just wonderful. I can't wait till next month now to see what you do.
Clare Barton(non-registered)
The rule of thirds is really effective in your images. They all feel pleasing and easy to look at, as my eye leads straight into them without any effort at all.
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