Photo Blogging Challenge - Happy

September 30, 2015  •  6 Comments

This month the Photo Blogging Challenge theme was Happy.  How awesome is that?  I like to be happy.  Who doesn't like to be happy?  I was lucky enough to be the photographer at a very happy occasion this past weekend.  A lovely young couple got married, and here are just a few photos from the happy, happy day!


Clare - Photos & Postscripts(non-registered)
I love your wedding shots, especially the wedding ring on hands photo, the composure really enhances the image.
Danielle Kempe(non-registered)
Love the wedding shots! The 1st one of the little girl is adorable!
Weddings are definitely a place for happy photos! That first shot is great! And it's always fun to get the goofy faces like in the last one! Well done for the challenge this month!
What a beautiful, happy event to feature this month! Lovely shots. At first I thought you'd dropped in a texture background on the first one and then realized it was her dress! Awesome shot! And I simply love the peacock headband.
Denise - Out and About with the GeoKs(non-registered)
So much personality in all these photos. I usually try not to pick a favourite, but that last photo really made an impression. It's great to see a bride having fun instead of just stressing the whole way through the wedding activities!
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