Photo Blogging Challenge-Holidays

December 31, 2015  •  6 Comments

This month for the photo blog challenge the theme is "holidays" which is great because I took quite a few holiday pictures for people this year as part of my Quicky Christmas Card Portrait events, as well as a few personal photos.


The past couple of years we haven't put up a tree because we have traveled over the holidays, but this year we spent at home so we got the tree out.  I don't put up a lot of ornaments, just a whole bunch of fun Christmas lights like this light up snowman.

When nothing will make kids smile, try letting them sit wrapped up in giant Christmas ribbons.  It certainly worked here.

This was a fun little brother big brother picture where they both had big ideas about what might be in the boxes.

I can't remember what I said to these kids to get this expression, but I certainly had some fun captioning it.

The holidays mean an increase in being home and cooking.  I captured this image of my mother-in-law cooking with a new lens I got for Christmas.





I'd love to hear your thoughts on the pictures in the comment section below.

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Great set of photos for the month's theme. That last photo is really cool. The kid shots are awesome, too, as they usually are during the holidays! Nice work!
Lovely shots!

I'll have to keep the ribbon trick in mind as my god-kids get older & I want photos. :-)
You shared some terrific ideas for children's Christmas photographs- the props are fun, but the smiles and facial expressions are the real prizes.

Most people I know who travel at Christmas don't bother with a tree, but like you, they've kept their ornaments in storage, just in case. Glad you kept the light-up snowman to share with us.
Oh my goodness...those shots with the kiddos are fantastic! Love the ribbon photo but the one with the realization that Santa watched the whole year really made me smile! Great selection. Hope you and yours had wonderful holidays.
Lovin your light snowman shot and the expression on the children's faces really make the picture. I'm wondering what did you say to them?
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