Who Are You?

January 05, 2016  •  2 Comments

If you follow my blog, then you know that every month I participate in a photo blogging challenge, and now I've stepped it up to a new "20 Days of Chill" writing challenge.  Writing is definitely a challenge, and the fact that it is evening doesn't bode well for the 20 day challenge.

The theme for the day is "Who are you?" and now, due to my CSI obsession, inside my head I'm hearing "who, who, who, who....I really wanna know..." and now I'm thinking that the word who has a really odd spelling...  This is exactly how my writing was when I was in Jr. High and had to do journal writing at the beginning of class, just a stream of nonsense that I try to explain.

So, who I am is pretty varied, like anyone I have the roles that I play, wife, sister, friend etc.  I could also define myself as my current job - photographer, but it is always tough to sum up a lifetime with little labels.  I guess when I think about it I'm a traveler, through space and time, discovering new things each day.

Here is a picture that I took in my photo studio while experimenting with lights.


*as a note, I apparently didn't publish this last night, and left it as a draft.  No worries, I'm counting it anyway, because part of who I am is forgiving.


It all counts. I did the first two topics in one post on the second day! Glad you're on board.
A good start to the challenge. Thanks for joining up! Hopefully throughout it, it'll help with the word side of blogging and not just images (as we know you are already good at that!).

And it also sounds like you like who you are -- which is always a good thing!
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