Your Favorite Place

January 05, 2016  •  3 Comments

It may seem like it is day one of the "20 Days of Chill" writing challenge, but in fact it is day 2.  Due to an oversight on my part I left day 1 as a draft, and just felt bad that nobody commented on it all day today.  Well I'm back on track for day 2.

The theme for the day is "your favorite place" and my favorite place is more of a time and a place.  I love being around water at sunrise.  I love sunrises, they make me happy, and I love the reflection on the water.  I sometimes get disappointed when the sun is all the way up, because then it is just going to be hours of regular daytime.  

I've considered offering free or extremely discounted photo sessions to people who would join me in the early morning hours just because I would find such joy in creating those images.

Until someone takes me up on early morning portraits I'll take nature pictures like this one at the lake by my house.




Beautiful! Like P.J., mostly I see sunsets like the one in my post since the sun as usually risen before me.
Cat Palmer(non-registered)
I rarely catch a sun rise, mostly because I am not much of a morning person. But it looks lovely. I've found that being close to water is always so calming.
I need to think about sunrises near water more often. I tend to like sunsets over the water more. Not sure why, but there's something truly magical about it. I do want to one day see a sunrise from Cadillac Mountain in Maine, which is supposed to be amazing ... and you can see the water in the background over Bar Harbor. :)
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