Life wouldn’t be the same

January 06, 2016  •  1 Comment

Day 3 of "20 Days of Chill" writing challenge! The theme for the day is "Life wouldn’t be the same" and I really think my life wouldn't be the same without my husband.  

I think that I feel particularly grateful for having him in my life because we met when I was already into my 30's and I had a pretty great life already.  I just didn't know how much better it would get.  

I was kind of amused today when I looked at my Facebook and in the on this day section I had posted that I was getting optimistic about this new year today in 2009, and then just a few months later I met my husband.  It has been so great having him to talk to, laugh with and share my life.

I'm also so glad that he is repeatedly willing to be my model when I want to try something new with my photography. 





That's a nice tribute to your husband! And though I'm not married, I can definitely see why people would say life wouldn't be the same without their husband/wife!
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