Pen and paper

January 07, 2016  •  4 Comments

Day 4 of "20 Days of Chill" writing challenge! The theme for the day is "Pen and paper"

Are pens and paper a thing of the past? I know that everything is moving to digital, but that is something that has been happening most of my life.  As I sit at my desk, I still see papers with pen scribbles, (both words and drawings) and think that there is something more to it than just capturing thoughts.  There is something tactile about putting a pen to paper that is very nice, especially with the right pen.  I have a pen that I love because the ink flows out smoothly and spreads out on the paper if I hold it still.  I thought about it recently when I had to use an old ball point pen, the kind where you have to scribble a bit in the corner of the page to get the ink to start, and then it skips, and scratches...ick.  I think people who want to only use computers probably own pens like that.




Cat Palmer(non-registered)
That's so true. Nothing bears a good pen. I have to hide mine as my kids go through pens like crazy. Thus,I have a lot of those "ones you have to scribble in the corner to get to work" laying around.
I still love pens. I have a couple of really nice ones that I love to use. I still find myself looking at pens whenever I am in a store that carries good ones. Pencils, too. I hate cheap pencils.
Good point. I have a lot of pens scattered on my desk. Some that work and some that don't work as well, but I'm too lazy to pick them up and throw them out. I can't part with the past just yet, although I do prefer the digital way of writing.
I know what you mean about having a good pen. Mostly I use the Bics in the multipacks, but I do have a nice ballpoint that I've had since high school (and I won't say how long that's been).
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