Photo Blogging Challenge-Winter

February 28, 2015  •  10 Comments

This is the second month of participating in a Photo Blog Challenge.  This month the theme is winter.  I'm going to start with an image that is not a photo I took, but explains a bit about how this was particularly challenging-

I know that for everyone who has been hit with way to much snow this doesn't seem like a problem, but I do kind of miss seeing snow accumulate outside my house.  I live in Utah because I like seasons, and I feel like we missed out a little this year.   

The mountains at least got a little snow, but it is far away.  Really this could be a springtime mountain, but it is a February mountain.

At least it got cool enough for some winter fashion.

With winter being missing outside I had a little fun with a couple musical carousel pictures inside.  The first was in color...

The second was black and white.

This is what I found February.

I'm looking forward to the theme next month, maybe I'll be able to stay more on topic.


I love that first graphic, actually. And the reason being is if it was done in my area, it would be worse. February was the coldest month -- ever -- in parts of my area. Crazy. Snow, cold and everything else. Blah! I would have loved seeing a flower blooming in February. (Heck, I'll be happy for March!)

I like your photos, though. You made due with what you had. The weather is definitely nuts. You just never know what you'll get!
I particularly like the mountain shot and the flower. I love the portrait of the little girl.
Nice shot of the young girl. Well focused and captures her mood. The shot of the flowers is also very nice :)
Ahhh, The color and lighting in that last shot is fantastic! And your model in her winter fashion in adorable. I like the uniqueness of your selection.
Cat Palmer(non-registered)
I love the little yellow flowers! Gives me hope here in Minnesota that spring isright around the corner.
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