Photo Blogging Challenge-Two

March 31, 2015  •  10 Comments

This month for the  Photo Blog Challenge the theme is two.  This definitely leaves things wide open.  I thought about doing a series of pictures about love, or just pictures with two things in the frame, and I took a trip to San Francisco/San Jose and even started with that thought in mind.  I got pictures of two seagulls, a seagull and the Bay Bridge and a few other less than inspired images.  Then, as we were on our way to check in to the hotel I saw these two pillars covered with mirrored tiles and I was instantly intrigued.


This first picture is just a reference point of what I was taking pictures of.  There are many things about these pillars that made them so intriguing;

  • The tiles were all reflective, but they also had different colors and antique looks to them.
  • Since the surface was curved you could see different directions by looking straight on.
  • When you looked at the reflection of one pillar through the other pillar it doubled the effect.

Here are my favorite pictures that came from exploring these two pillars:


I can't wait to explore another theme next month.


Those are wonderful pillars. Looks like you had a good time exploring!
Those mosaic tile columns are amazing. I absolutely love your macro shot of the tiles. Great color and lighting! The composition on your shots is lovely.
Denise - Out and About with the GeoKs(non-registered)
Awesome! I sometimes do this kind of thing, but usually cut it short because one of my kids or my husband are impatiently hanging about in the background, wondering what I can possibly find so interesting about something seemingly so mundane. Your exploration of the two pillars is thorough and creative. Love all the colours and the sort of abstract impression in some of the compositions.
I love all the different perspectives ,reflections and colours in these two pillars. I really enjoyed looking at your photos. They're so calming and peaceful.
Nice interpretation of the theme. Hadn't occurred to me to take one set of two and use that for the entire theme. I shall have to keep that in the back of my mind for further reference.
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