Photo Blogging Challenge-Friends and Family

April 30, 2015  •  9 Comments

This month for the  Photo Blog Challenge the theme is Friends and Family.  Lately most of the subjects of my photos are friends and family, so for the 5 pictures for the challenge, here are a few pictures completed this month.



Mike D(non-registered)
These are fantastic portraits. I love the boy playing with the balls. Heck I love all of them. Great work!
Wow, great compositions in your shots. I also really like the way you edit them in post. I could tell just by looking at the very first shot that you are very skilled both with the camera and with the computer. I look forward to seeing your photos in the upcoming months! :D
Kathy Mukhopadhyay Photography
Thanks for all the comments. The balls in the air were thrown by Mom and siblings when the picture was taken, and then a couple extra were pulled in with Photoshop from other shots.
Denise / Mrs. GeoK(non-registered)
You nailed it! Would love to know how you got the balls in the air photographs. Looking forward to your spring photographs in a month's time.
Great shots, especially the ones with the balls in the air. Well done.
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