Life’s turning point

January 12, 2016  •  2 Comments

Day 6 of "20 Days of Chill" writing challenge! The theme for the day is "Life’s turning point"

A traditional analogy of a turning point in life is coming to an intersection and making a decision, but I think that life is more like a highway.  (If you are a like me then you just turned that from a simile to a metaphor, and now  you have a song in your head and it will be stuck with you all night long.)  Back to the broader metaphor of life's turning point being like a highway.  I think that you start heading in a direction that seems good, and just start cruising along, then there are seemingly inconsequential decisions that you make along the way, like changing lanes that can push you into a position of getting off on an exit.  Now, life has taken a turn that you didn't expect and you have to make a decision to try to get back on that highway, or choose a different direction.

I learned growing up that I had no control over what other people did, I could only choose what I did, and how I reacted to what other people did.  I think it is the same in life, you can choose your road, but it is up to you to decide what to do when it curves, or you get pushed off that road.  




Sometimes our reaction to the turning point is just as important and influential as the event itself.
This is an excellent way to look at a turning point for sure! Life definitely gives your curves and turns and the way one responds is how well it could come out in the end!
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