Photo Blogging Challenge-Leap

February 29, 2016  •  5 Comments

Happy Leap Day! This month for the photo blog challenge the theme is "Leap" probably because it is a leap year and today is the extra day.  I have chosen to interpret this theme by presenting for you a retrospective of photographs I have taken over the years of people jumping.  It is actually something that I really enjoy having people do when doing a portrait session.  I like the movement, and fun of a jumping picture, and it really allows you to examine a moment that would otherwise be over too quickly and gone forever.

This first photo was taken in 2011 soon after I had upgraded my camera to a pretty basic DSLR.  I had some fun with my nieces and nephews on this beautiful summer day.  Although it is not technically the best photo, I love the movement, bright colors and the joy.


kathymphoto-02450DSC02450.jpgkathymphoto-02450DSC02450.jpgSONY DSC

This next photo was taken with my iPhone while out running withe a friend of mine.   The sunrise was beautiful, and with a low angle at the top of a hill a relatively low jump appeared to be a giant leap.

The final three photos were taken in the past year in my studio.  I really do love having a plain white background to really focus on the jump itself.  Of course then I can also have some fun with the editing as well.


kathymphoto-_MG_1137-Edit-Edit.jpgkathymphoto-_MG_1137-Edit-Edit.jpg kathymphoto-_MG_6335-Edit.jpgkathymphoto-_MG_6335-Edit.jpg

If you want to take great jumping photos, try taking them at a slightly lower angle than you normally would, and the the jumper try to incorporate their arms to add movement, and make sure to keep their eyes on the camera so that you see a smile in the photo.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the pictures in the comment section below.

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It's always cool to grab people leaping in photos, that's for sure. Good shots.
Those first two shots have some serious height in those leaps! I doubt if I could get three inches off the ground. :-) Leaping shots always capture the most fantastic expressions.
Annabelle Spender(non-registered)
Wow great advice and photos! I do love the on with your nieces and nephews - the colours and the actions really make it exciting and delightfully happy.
I laughed out loud as I scrolled down. They are fantastic! My favorite is the girl's face on the right on the bottom picture. Priceless! What a great idea for families too. I love all of these!
Cat Palmer(non-registered)
Great Photos and thanks for the tips!
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