Bernie Sanders Rally in Salt Lake City, Utah

March 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It is fairly rare occurrence for presidential candidates to visit Utah, but this year the Caucus is being held in March instead of June, which makes candidates more interested in campaigning here.  Yesterday there were multiple candidates in Salt Lake, but I chose to go to the Bernie Sanders rally and practice my photojournalism skills.  I think I may have underestimated the size of the crowds (some estimated it was over 14,000) and thus the time spent in line was quite long.  Here are a few of my favorites, but you can also see the full set here.


kathymphoto-8152_MG_8152.jpgkathymphoto-8152_MG_8152.jpg kathymphoto-8156_MG_8156.jpgkathymphoto-8156_MG_8156.jpg kathymphoto-8160_MG_8160.jpgkathymphoto-8160_MG_8160.jpg kathymphoto-8171_MG_8171.jpgkathymphoto-8171_MG_8171.jpg kathymphoto-8178_MG_8178.jpgkathymphoto-8178_MG_8178.jpg kathymphoto-8201_MG_8201.jpgkathymphoto-8201_MG_8201.jpg kathymphoto-8208_MG_8208.jpgkathymphoto-8208_MG_8208.jpg kathymphoto-8217_MG_8217.jpgkathymphoto-8217_MG_8217.jpg kathymphoto-8264_MG_8264.jpgkathymphoto-8264_MG_8264.jpg kathymphoto-8291_MG_8291.jpgkathymphoto-8291_MG_8291.jpg kathymphoto-8299_MG_8299.jpgkathymphoto-8299_MG_8299.jpg kathymphoto-8321_MG_8321.jpgkathymphoto-8321_MG_8321.jpg


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