Photo Blogging Challenge-Three

March 31, 2016  •  7 Comments

This month for the photo blog challenge the theme is "Three" because the challenge is three years old.  I have an odd interpretation of this theme.  Early this month my husband and I took a trip to Las Vegas, and we stayed in the MGM Signature tower 3.  Now I know this is a stretch of the theme, but all the photos in this post were taken in the hotel room, in tower 3.  See- three theme.    :)


I'm always drawn to sunrises, and this was a beautiful view from the room.


The window was reflective, and I liked how the water spots looked, so I took a picture of myself looking at the sunrise.


I liked the light coming through the window, and the line of the drapes.  My husband said I could take his picture if he could continue doing his work.



Eventually he let me get a headshot using the lovely window light.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on the pictures in the comment section below.

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I never think an interpretation of the theme is a bad thing! Well done! I like the way you did it. Good set of photos too. You have some great portraits!
Denise / Mrs. GeoK(non-registered)
Right onside with this month's theme. Sometimes I think having tight constraints, like taking a whole set of photos from within one room, prods us to do some of our best work. That certainly seems to be the case for you this month.
Well, I never thought a person could get such great photos in a hotel room. Fabulous work!
Wow that head shot is amazing. Look at his eyes - you captured something more than just a picture. The one of you in the window is fantastic. I really enjoyed your shots!
Fantastic portrait, for sure. Such lovely light. I really like the blues from the room with a view as well. And the silhouette, And well, just all of them! Thanks for sharing
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