Photo Blogging Challenge-Vibrant

April 29, 2016  •  3 Comments

This month for the photo blog challenge the theme is "Vibrant" and that makes me think of bright colors, which are showing up more and more during this springtime. Here are my selections for this month.


This sunrise is only slightly enhanced after the photo was taken, pretty much this was what I saw while driving to an early morning meeting.


This is Emily, and she attend a recent Handshakes and Headshots event at my studio, and not only is her clothing vibrant, so is her personality.  


This is what I saw from my car one evening after leaving the studio. since I had my camera with me I pulled over and captured the scene.


This is what happens when I babysit, and all the older kids are in school.  I decide to entertain myself with a little photo shoot, and capture the love between a boy and his blanket.


This is the beauty of a blossoming tree, it only lasts for 2 weeks, so I'm lucky that I caught it.



I'd love to hear your thoughts on the pictures in the comment section below.

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I'm just catching up... way late on making the rounds! I like the photos and the mix of subjects. The trees is excellent. I also love the people shots because vibrancy can really shine through. Nice work for April!
Denise / Mrs. GeoK(non-registered)
Wow! That sunrise is stunning. And such fun with the impromptu baby photo shoot.
Wonderful photos! I especially love the sunrise one and the street scene. Amazing colours. :)
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