Photo Blogging Challenge-Out of the box

May 31, 2016  •  5 Comments

This month for the photo blog challenge the theme is "out of the box" and that makes me think of going outside, you know, out of the house box.  I got the chance to photograph a golf tournament that benefitted the charity Children and the Earth and that is out of the box.

kathymphoto-1076_MG_1076.jpgkathymphoto-1076_MG_1076.jpg kathymphoto-1147_MG_1147.jpgkathymphoto-1147_MG_1147.jpg kathymphoto-1378_MG_1378.jpgkathymphoto-1378_MG_1378.jpg kathymphoto-1479_MG_1479.jpgkathymphoto-1479_MG_1479.jpg kathymphoto-1490_MG_1490.jpgkathymphoto-1490_MG_1490.jpg


I'd love to hear your thoughts on the pictures in the comment section below.

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I think you definitely thought outside the box for these. But some of them are kind of ... inside the "tee box," no? :)
Denise / Mrs. GeoK(non-registered)
Looks like you had a great day out of the house. I don't usually choose favourites, but the two deer and the lady golfer through the trees make for a strong finish to your photo set for this month.
I love the idea of outside of the "house box." We have had so much rain lately that it is great to know where was sunshine SOMEWHERE! Great shots... the deer is my FAVORITE!
Such great subjects on the golf course, who knew?
Pretty in pink :-)
Danielle Kempe(non-registered)
Great job as always!

Was the fundraiser a golf tournament or mini-golf?

Either way, you got some wonderful photos!
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